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CUA Partners with the Peace Corps in the Coverdell Fellows Program

The IEDM program at the Catholic University of America is proud to accept the invitation to the Coverdell Fellows program, determined that this partnership can help create a stronger initiative for integral economic development.

We believe that our Coverdell Fellows will emerge from our program, having been trained in advanced features of applied management and a thorough economic skillset, will be strongly suited to address today’s challenges in evaluating the impact and effectiveness of development programs.

The Integral Economic Development Management (IEDM) program at the Catholic University of America (CUA) prepares students with innovative techniques based on an integral approach to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of development programs, while teaching applied management and economics skills. The applied research project (ARP) will give Coverdell Fellows the opportunity to take the cross-cultural and project management skills they developed in the Peace Corps to the next level; producing evaluations, policy analyses and recommendations that allow organizations to overcome challenges faced in achieving sustainable development. All Coverdell Fellows will present their ARP thesis to the IEDM faculty and board members. CUA will support the organizational matching process and development of the student’s ARP.

Washington, D.C. is home to hundreds of nonprofit organizations that address local, national and international needs. In the development of the ARPs, Coverdell Fellows will have the opportunity to work with community organizations to design and measure the impact of programs that address the needs of the African American, Latino, and refugee communities

The IEDM program awards annually ten scholarships of ten percent of the total tuition, one full tuition scholarship, and two scholarships of fifty percent of the total tuition.

Visit the Peace Corps website for an in depth look at the Coverdell Fellows Program.


Please click here for admissions criteria and tuition information.

For those with any additional questions, please call IEDM Program Director Beatriz Lopez Bonetti at 202-319-6183, or email her at